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Silage Unit

Silage Making and Feeding to Cross Bred Cows in Rain fed Area of Baramati to improve Milk Productivity. Dairy enterprise is a major income generating activity in the rain fed and irrigated area of the Pune District in Maharashtra.
Maize and sorghum is a major fodder crops grown by the dairy farmers. Out of total population of cattle in the Pune District 50% population is crossbred animals, for maximum milk production from these crossbred animals requires green fodder throughout the year.
Area under fodder crops is 5% of total area of the District. Green fodder is not available throughout the year. Sugarcane tops are also available from Nov to March in the area due to Sugar factories.
There is shortage of green fodder in Nov to June for animals.Livestock farming is secondary source of income for small and marginal farmers.

Agricultural Development Trust KVK Baramati have Demonstrated Silage making on large scale (200 MT per Tank ) at Dairy farm and small scale ie 20MT Silage tanks Technology was Demonstrated in 70 villages of Pune under NDP-I project .
Harvesting of fodder Crop: Maize green fodder was harvested in month of November at the age of 85-90 at half milk line stage. Green fodder crop having 30 % dry matter and 70 % moisture is used for silage making.
Opening of silo Pit: Silo pit is to be opened after 50 days after the sealing of silo pit from one side and required silage was removed and fed to the crossbred cows.
25 Kg silage + 4 kg Dry fodder + 400 gms of concentrate per kg of Milk production is to be Given in crossbred animals for maximum milk production and mineral mixture as per requirement .